Retro Rosey

Fall is Here!

I always look forward to the changing of seasons – it means a new landscape to look at, a new wardrobe to utilize, and new hobbies to focus on. Not to mention, during this time of the year it means a flood of anything and everything pumpkin related! But even if you aren’t enticed byContinue reading “Fall is Here!”

Fall Favorites: Pattern Play

During this time of the year, when it fluctuates between the humidity of summer and coolness of autumn, I like to compose outfits that reflect the changing of seasons. Whether it be mixing different textures and fabrics together or partaking in a little bit of pattern play, I find that the little extra attention toContinue reading “Fall Favorites: Pattern Play”

Store Spotlight: Anthropologie

For the past few weeks, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the shift from summer to fall fashion. While I love sporting bright colors, delicate floral patterns, and dainty footwear in summer, I much prefer the coziness and comfort of cold-weather fashion. Thankfully, many of my favorite stores have already released their pre-fall collections – Anthropologie beingContinue reading “Store Spotlight: Anthropologie”


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About Me

Hello there! My name is Rosey.  I’m your typical Disney fangirl who loves drawing, baking, and spending quality time with the family.  For the last year I have been working towards obtaining my B.S. degree in Marketing.  Between balancing my time with classes and homework assignments I wanted to find a place where I could let my creative side shine!  I created “Retro Rosey” hoping to explore my love for fashion, crafts, poetry, and basically anything artsy.

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